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Wed, Jul. 17th, 2013, 06:03 am

The last guy I dated was amazing, and I thought he couldn't have been more ideal if I had scripted him myself. Then time took over and it simply wasn't meant to be. No hard feelings from either end.

I realized a day after we broke up that I didn't miss *him* nearly as much as I missed what he had represented: someone who truly loved me, was willing to admit it early on so I could as well, sought my happiness as much as I sought his. After 4 months it crumbled rather quickly because our lives were heading in opposite directions, which made him angry, and I was crushed. Thankfully the above-stated realization hit quickly, and I found peace of a sort. I know the giddiness fades after you've been with someone long enough, but I know that when you find the right person it doesn't fade that much, and takes a long time to do so. I have a tendancy to like others well past when I should, not believing that it can possibly be over so soon. I'm an amazing person, and I know it... Why don't others see it, too? Poor choices in my people selection, I guess.

My point is this: now that you're officially here, if you were not in my life, I would suffer and miss *you*. Not getting to see YOUR stupid, beautiful face, not hearing your occasional snorts as something proved to be so funny that the laugh took on a life of its own, not getting to smell you, hear the absolute wonder in your voice as you talk about anything space-related, listen to you plan your next video, see the emotions crawl across your face as you talk about the dogs... All if that would be sorely missed. And for the record, I'd miss *your* hugs and kisses, too.