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Mon, Jul. 22nd, 2013, 12:32 am
the waiting game begins, with the answer already here

Well, I put it out there: What are your thoughts on us being More Than Just Friends. I told you that you struck more than a few chords within me. I asked if this is one-sided to please let me know, no harm, no foul, mentioning that I could fall for you way too easily. What I didn't say is that the cliff is singing its siren song and already I'm leaning over the edge, holding the safety rope against my will.

Pikachu just sounded, so you wrote back. Is it a good or a bad thing that it took about ten minutes? I can't check it yet, unwilling to disturb this odd bit of calm... but just in case we're in accord, I'm dying to know what your thoughts are.

If we're eye to eye, I'll be yours forever, will fight for you, will vanish inside your kiss only to come out the other side a creature of pure joy.
If we're not, I'll more than likely cry like a little girl and get drunk. I can only hope you were polite about it and somehow knew my silent request: