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Sun, Mar. 6th, 2016, 03:09 am
Oh for the love of baby jee...

It's happened again. Different "you" than two years ago because that one bmdh, but the feeling came on just as steong, though up much quicker this time.

Blindsided, I was. You did me in with just one evening's time. Loved you in a general sense for years, but fell in love with you over Loreena.

And when I finally am able to log in here, that's when you decide to write back. You playing with the ring when you received the emails? Yeah, same feeling here.

Gods dammit. I'll keep you as my off-limits not-gay-but-gay best friend as long as I can, and every time you see me you'll fall a little bit more. You're not ready yet, by any means, so you'll be a bit surprised when you realize you feel the same way. Just saying.

Heed the water's warning lest you drown in me, and I'll be waiting under the waves for you.

Cast your eyes to the ocean
Case your soul to the sea
When the dark might seems endless
Please remember me

pdbmh, yiswm