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Tue, Jul. 18th, 2006, 08:33 pm
feelin dirty, and maybe not in a good way

soo.... yeah, remember the little rant about my ex-job awhile back? yeah, that. well, um...

guess who works at BISYS again?

since february, no less. ah well. it's not AS overrun with idiots before, but isn't it amazing how we can't outrun high school? there's the unpopular girl that only a few of us willingly talk to, the Fraternity/student council, the loners, the token churchy one... just to name a few groups. and yeah, i know "the churchy one" doesn't constitute a GROUP, but HEY LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER, IT'S A SHUT THE CRAP UP!

updates, hm... still with the tim, and he's the longest ever at 9mo of dating so far. well, i want to say "damn, ain't that pitiful," but you shouldn't say "ain't" and i don't feel all too pitiful.

Kippydog has taken to Tak, the little cat, with more zest that i thought an old womandog was capable of. Tak's been in heat for what seems like months now, and she interprets Kippy's playful nudging and licking as HEY looks like i found me someone who can itch this scratch i've got! ...or maybe it's not Just Playful.

ahh, lesbionic cross-species love... it's a grand thing. :] ((by the by, this is the part that makes me feel dirty -- Kippy is 10 and Tak's only 8 or so months old))

either way, it's leatherwork nite.

Sat, Apr. 15th, 2006, 07:32 pm
those...damn... BASTARDS.


they have taken The Last Unicorn off of IMDB.com AND for some UNSEEN reason, they have fucked up the TLU movie website...

it's ugly, USELESS and RETARDED.

**pitiful keening sobs**


Sat, Jan. 7th, 2006, 06:27 am
so... yeah

obviously we didn't die in The Hurricane That Never Came -- they could tell Houston that a radiation-spewing volcanic ice giant was headed straight for us, and we'd say SMOKE YOUSE GUYS and sit our happy asses back down to whatever it was we were doing.

we're all gonna die next time they tell us to get out, because the one thing you don't do is mess with the collective ego of a major texas city.

prides were tarnished, egos were more than bruised, and the only things we had to show for our troubles are:
*** tape marks from on the windows because all the sticky didn't come off
*** overdraft fees from filling up with gas over 3$ a gallon no less than 3 times just to drive 30 hours straight to get to DALLAS (it's usually a 4 hr drive for you out-of-towners)
*** ... yeah, that's about it for the collective Houstonians

here is what's happened with what you knew about already -- i'll start with the more recent stuff at a later date.

-- little bunny didn't make it through the hurricane trip, gods rest his soul. first i laughed and asked dad to skin him. he WAS a pretty bunny, after all... it's why i chose him. then i cried. i haven't in awhile, but if i don't change subjects, i'll do it now.

-- worked Renn Faire again this year, and had a blast yet again. this time for different reasons, but for those who don't know, i met a boy this year. well, actually i already knew him. to give you a hint as to how that's going, i'm writing this from his place at 6.15 am and being beaten to hell by his new kitty. :]

-- got rid of highspeed - it never worked after i moved in October ((and btw, i moved a building over from before... that's a LONG story for later)). fuck a lot of you, Charter Communications, LLC.

there's plenty more where that came from, but when i say i'm being beaten to hell, i mean it. she's young but feisty, that one.

MUCH more when i have the attention span -- and everything's about to change yet again.

trust that i say "everything," and know that it's going to be splendid.

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005, 05:22 pm
Hurricane Rita - part 1

well, The Big One is coming, and even though it could hit anywhere from west louisiana to brownsville, we're smack in the middle of the projected path.

i'm headed to Killeen, baby!

and yes, Bunny and kippy are coming with.

yeah... what else can you say?

drive safe, folks.

stay tuned for part 2.

"hurricane rita" sounds like a bad mix of drinks... a tropical margarita? yuck.

Sat, Sep. 17th, 2005, 03:02 am
yelling leto boys

ok, so i've dl'ed the new 30 Sx2mars album ((which i plan on buying, you anti-pirate nazi bastards)) and he sure does yell a lot more than the last bunch of songs. i'm ok with that, though.

i'm not too sure if i'm ok with the fact that instead of the band being peddled as simply 30 Seconds To Mars, it's now Jared Leto's Band - Something About Mars Something. ((that's the new unofficial title, i think.))

but whatever works. the music inspired lust in me years ago as well as in the here-and-now, and that's what counts.

but yeah, he sure does yell a lot more nowadays.

missed Boot Night again - 3rd week running. but it all worked out for the better. The Crazy Puppies came by last night, you see. it was sad yet horribly entertaining at the same time.

i made the crazy puppy boy cry. HAH!

author's note

actually, two boys cried yesterday... yeah, i still got it. **spank**

but that may be a story for another time, yo.


i got all authoratative on their pityseeking selves. it's a fun story to hear because i simply can't convey The Tone i used with them while telling them that maybe the did need to learn lessons, maybe they did need their heads handed to them as that seems to be the only way their heads will come out of their asses...

you see, kind reader, there're few things i don't put up with, and one of those is the Poor Me I Don't Know How To Fix This Problem Even Though I Really Do But Listen To Me Complain About It Anyhow And If You Don't See My Point Of View Then I'll Complain Forevermore Or Untill You Kick Me Out Because You're Such A Cold-hearted Beast thing.

don't complain about how your parents won't help you when ((and i quote)) "How many times have they offered you help, Andy? How many times have you fucked it up? And HOW OLD ARE YOU?!? 25? 26? 27??" ((this is where he started crying, but dammit, he needed to hear it.))

plus i got some aggressions out that should have been redirected, but i'm staying my tounge on those matters. blah blah blah, story for later.

BOOT NIGHT! i haven't told you luverlies about Boot Night yet!

thanks to tandyman, i'll soon have for my very own a pair of boots that would cost over 400$ out at TRF -- custom fit, custom everything. PLUS i took notes on how to cast, mark and cut the patterns...

I SHALL HAVE WICKED BOOTS SOON ENOUGH, and then, THEN i'll make some for jnX and runeboy. THEN i'll work a pair of heels into my next pair. custom hookerboots - what's better?

ye gods, it's 3am now.

good night.

and since you laughed at me over the boot enthusiasm MAY YOUR FEET FLY FROM YOUR ANKLES AND BURY THEMSELVES IN A TERMITE MOUND.

Mon, Sep. 12th, 2005, 01:44 pm
Co-workers With Headaches conversations - part 56

just so we know...


trust me.

trust me, marcella, it does.

Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005, 01:19 am
kippy conversations, part 1

just so we're clear on this...


thank you.

author's note

so can copious amounts of weezer if not monitered closely.

i love you, tangela frances mcdonald, but it can.


Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 02:03 am

that's right, kids and clowns, i'm back after a too-long hiatus, this time for as long as you'll have me... plus a few days.

because i finally have my own paying-for-it-myself, honest-to-gods REAL web connection!!

no thanks to the yahoos at Charter (my isp). Granted, their techs weren't here to see the actual problem as to WHY my computer wasn't allowing the connection all the way through, but it was an hour on the phone...

and who of all people on the face of the planet saved me, rescued me from the clutches of Having Paid For Teh Interweb With No Actual Interweb In Sight?

fuckin jstN of all people. that's right, elfboy himself.

author's note
on a completely unrelated topic, i think i just dropped some eyelashes into my water glass. yech.

...but since it is past 2am and i'm a bit dead tired, you know i'm gonna glance at the drink, get out anything i see directly offhand...

then continue drinking. YUM -- TAP WATER!


so yeah, jstN was my new best friend for a few minutes.

author's post script to previous note

yeah, you know i totally didn't check the water before drinking it.

protien... mmmmm.

don't judge me!!


you folks have missed all the drama... whoa. no, not mine -- that was what we shall call Black Sunday, and it's gone to heaven. The Drama of which i speak is here in the apartment complex. i got in good with LLL ((read "landlord lady")) so i get the scoop on local gossip and drug dens around here... but i digress. that's not The Drama. The Drama is hopefully close to the end for The Neighbors. i may divulge the story to you, my kind audience, but don't count on it. hopefully there'll be a finish to the story soon, and it'll be over and done with

the other half of The Drama is playing out just down the way, but that's just the side/less-important subplot. every story has'em, otherwise it's not a good story.

i'll get there later.

this is long enough for now, just know that I HAVE RETURN-ED and i'm here to seek revenge on the interweb that scorned me so long ago...

my revenge comes by way of using the HELLFIRE out of it untill i can use it no more.

sh'yeah, right.

später, Hundchen

Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005, 10:22 am
omg, you kicked me!

Netless wonder, here, saying PLEASE COME SEE ME! **sob**

anyone, please? i may kick you out after about 15 minutes, but untill then i'll be happy to be part of the human race again.

btw, crazy pregnant girl down the way finally had her kid, for those of you who've heard of her.

and her crazy boyfriend has called me almost every day over the past 2 weeks.

...um... stop it.

jennefish thinks he'll be showing up on my doorstep when it comes time for them to move out with his blankie in one hand and suitcase in the other...

...um... no.

these are the folks who got their minds blown at the cinematic concept of a flashback...

...um... ye gods. **sigh**

CALL ME, and not in that weirdo 80's song type way, either. my AIM name is listed on my info, and i'm usually on... get ahold of me that way and i'll call.



Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 10:33 am

i got my hopes up twice recently.

thought i found a boy. who never gets back to me. i'm not incessantly trying to contact him... it's down to maybe once a week and started at maybe 4 times a week. mostly txt msg's simply stating something, not asking for a response, but one would hope for acknowledgement of SOME sort.

i've asked him to let me know if there's no interest on his part so i'd stop running my mouth and thoughts about him. his answer? "i've been working 60 HOUR WEEKS."

well, last time we talked (week and a half before that) he was starting a new job that was monday-friday, 8-5... he'd pointed those parts out because he was really happy about it, and yay for no more overtime w/o overtime pay.

it's not non-committal... that's not the way i took it, but give me something more definitive, dammit.

number 2
i thought i found a vehicle... yeah, more on that later, but the guy i was going to buy it from is mad at me because he changed the agreement and i couldn't do it. like, he's pissed off at me. and he lied.

let's call a spade a spade, shall we? he's a lying oathbreaker who cares nothing that i could have gotten arrested because of his vehicle.

yeah, so got my hopes up about that too... cripes. gimme one more thing to foolishly put hopes on, please do it fast, too! third time's a charm, so let's get this over and done with, shall we?


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